About nOmni

nOmni develops custom ICs for
audio, music, automotive, IoT, Wearables and Assistive Technologies.

20af Series Portfolio

  • 20afStanley Oscillator companion for Lunetta-style tone generation modulation and circuit bending
  • 20afTopOctave Top Octave equal temperament square wave tone generator with noise
  • 20af5-LimitOctave Top Octave 5-limit temperament square wave tone generator
  • 20afAthenais Top Octave Diatonic square wave tone generator
  • 20afRing12 12 step-Ring Counter with 3, 4, 6 beat and clave
  • 20afRing16 16 step-Ring Counter
  • 20afSink16 16 step-Ring Counter with Open Drain Outputs
  • 20afHarmonics Harmonic Square and Approximate Sine Wave Synthesizer with PPM
  • 20afDivideByN Clock divider and tone synthesizer