September 6th 2019 Press Release

At Knobcon 8, nOmni debuts the first Integrated Circuits in the 20af family
for modular, nano and DIY synthesizer building.

These low power, mixed-signal CMOS devices are built in
a compact 20-pin TSSOP package and a tiny 2x3mm STQFN package.

Sound synthesis functions are represented by equal-temperament and 5-limit top octave generators,
a pulse wave core with APC, and a harmonic additive synthesis core
using a new sine wave synthesis technique.

Voltage control is represented by dual ADSR and LFO generators,
a voltage-controlled switch and a versatile touch input controller.

Resettable 12- and 16- output ring counters are handy for clock and gate sequencing applications.

A versatile dual-channel LED bar graph driver modernizes LM3914/3915 designs and
facilitates the addition of control voltage and audio displays for updating popular existing module designs.

Adrian Freed, nOmni’s founder and principal IC designer's previous inventions include the DAW and OSC:
“Most of the existing activity with ICs in electronic music revolves
around embedded microcontroller digital chips and clones of established analog chips.
We are exploring a third, undeveloped area of mixed analog and digital ICs using a mature, modern CMOS process.
We readily cover situations requiring a wide frequency range such as
top octave and clock dividers without the complexity and jitter of a microcontroller solution.
Our chips have output pins tuned to directly drive LEDs or relays.
The supply voltage range of 1.8V to 5V makes the chips easy to interface to microcontrollers and
readily supports circuit bending and Lunetta-style designs.”


20af 2019 Availability

  • 20afStanley+ Oscillator companion for Lunetta-style tone generation modulation and circuit bending
  • 20afTopOctave Top Octave equal temperament square wave tone generator with noise
  • 20afRing12 12 step Ring Counter with 3, 4, 6 beat and clave
  • 20afHarmonics Harmonic Square and Approximate Sine Wave Synthesizer with PPM
  • 20afDivideByN Clock divider and tone synthesizer

    20af 2020 Availability

  • 20af5-LimitOctave Top Octave 5-limit temperament square wave tone generator
  • 20afRing16 16 step Ring Counter
  • 20afQuadTouch Four high impedance switches for touch and transducers with trigger and VC outputs
  • 20afVCSwitch Voltage-Controlled 8-position switch
  • 20afDualLEDBar Dual LED Bar graph driver